Granola Girl Goes to the Emmys

My great friend “The Granola Girl”, Sarah Lanphier, owner of Nuts About Granola, LLC, was invited to have her products featured at the News and Documentary Emmy Awards in New York City.

Sarah is my first ever Guest Blogger on “The Good in York City”  and I’m thrilled that she would share her story here.

I was sitting at my computer when a message popped up in my inbox from a lady claiming she was from a company called “Off the Wall” and wanted to know if we were interested in getting our products featured in the gift bags for the 31st News and Documentary Emmy Awards in New York City. My first inclination was SCAM, but I hesitated to delete the email containing what appeared to be legitimate contact information. So, I called the number listed in the signature, and low and behold an actual person answers the phone from an actual company who actually does the gift bags for the Emmys. I thought to myself; “seriously, this is actually happening?” And so it began… my trip to the Emmy Awards.

There are 700 gift bags, which means 700 2oz. bags of granola attached to 700 postcards that have to be made, packaged, sealed, affixed and driven to New York City. Immediately, I called in the reserves: my amazing, fabulous, supportive, caring, giving group of peers, coworkers, friends and family who jumped at the opportunity to help in any way they could to make this event a success. This is a story of community, of neighbors helping neighbors, small businesses working together and a true tale of synergy at its finest.

Now, before I begin I just want to give a little background information about my businesses. Nuts About Granola was founded in June of 2008 after I spent two years planning, researching and testing products in conjunction with my business classes at Elizabethtown College where I graduated in May 2009. I spent a good deal of time looking for a stand at a farmers market and finally settled on the Central Market of York in the heart of York City. From the very beginning, I got involved in different committees and volunteer organizations. Little by little my network grew; I began to get know more and more people and before I knew it I was engrossed in an extraordinary community filled with passionate, entrepreneurial spirited individuals, unafraid to get their hands dirty to better the city they love.

Ok, back to the Emmys…

Thursday, September 9th at 2:00pm: I received confirmation of our inclusion in the giveaway bags. First thought, “What am I going to wear!?”. Second thought, “we need more granola”. We booked our kitchen, ordered the ingredients and recruited my visiting Aunt and Uncle to help make 300 lbs of granola. It when off without a hitch. Step one completed. Then my mom and I went shopping and found two perfect dresses, what a relief.

Generosity side step: We attached our 2oz bags to post cards with our company story and contact information. I needed 1000 post cards with five days notice. Kat Gwinn from Solutionz by Kat got me 1000 post cards rush printed and shipped to my door for an amazing price. My sales rep from Associated Bags made a special trip down to York to deliver the glue dots I needed to attach the bags to the cards. Now that is service!

Tuesday, September 14th at 7:00pm: We had to apply our labels to our bags so four of my dearest friends came over for our labeling party and we knocked out 900 bags in 45 minutes! That would have taken my mom and I 3-4 hours each. Step two completed.

Generosity side step: I wanted to involve our community in every girls’ ongoing dilemma “What am I going to wear?”. Matt Ensminger from Digital Ephemera Photography volunteered to take photos of me in my dress paired with three different necklaces donated by Kimman’s Gift Co. We posted the photos on our blog and asked people to vote on the one they liked the best. The response was overwhelming! Hematite is the clear winner.

Tuesday, September, 22nd 7:00pm: “Baggin’ some Singles,  2 oz., that is” The power of Facebook amazes me every time I use it. Particularly the events feature where you can send a personal invitation to each and every one of your friends. I scheduled a bagging party at Bear Heart Bakery, a local bakery who, when asked, lent me their kitchen space without even thinking twice so we could assemble the bags. 12 people, 3 scales, 2 heat sealers, 90 lbs of granola: 700 2oz bags packages, sealed and stuck to post cards. Step three completed.

Sunday, September 26th 11:00am: We hit the road, 700 bags in tote, embarking on what will be one the most unforgettable experiences of my life.

Tuesday, September 28th: The possibilities are endless.
Stay tuned for the follow up!


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